REMUC usage

I bought a used car equipped with REMUC. How do I start using it?

REMUC needs a SIM card with a data plan to be able to connect to network. There might be a Embelin-supplied SIM card installed in the device so in that case you just need to renew the card subscription. Install REMUC mobile app from phone app store, launch the app and follow on-screen instructions.

REMUC-3 quick guide

REMUC-3 PLUS quick guide

If you get a message that device already has previous users, see “I replaced my mobile phone and I can’t connect to REMUC anymore.”

If device (REMUC-2, REMUC-3) does not have a SIM card at all, you can order a new one eg. from our web store. See “Do I need a separate SIM card for REMUC?”.

I'm about to sell my REMUC-equipped car. Is there anything I need to do in terms of REMUC?

  • If you have created an account for My REMUC login (you login using an email address), you need to disconnect the device from the account. Login to My REMUC, select “Account” and choose the device from the “Devices” list you wish to remove from account. Click menu button and choose “Disconnect from account”. After device removal you can still login to My REMUC and observe earlier driver’s log entries for that device.
  • If you have not created a My REMUC account, login to My REMUC normally and emove your email address from “Settings”.

Also, launch mobile app and remove REMUC pairing via “Menu” >> “Remove device”.

If there is an Embelin-supplied SIM card in the device, you can leave it as it is. Cards are Embelin Ltd.’s property and user has no responsibilities for the card after selling the car.

Approving a new user/restarting the device?

When pairing a new mobile application with REMUC in a situation where there is previous REMUC users, an approval is requested from other users. This approval can be bypassed with REMUC use button: hold button pressed for 10 seconds to reboot REMUC. This adds the new user automatically.

What's the difference between REMUC-2, REMUC-3 and REMUC-3 PLUS?


By default REMUC-2 does not have GPS, unless it was ordered with a GPS-option. Older REMUC-2 models have an internal GSM antenna.


  • GPS is always available.
  • REMUC-3 has an external GSM antenna.


See also


  • Latest REMUC version.
  • REMUC-3 PLUS works on yearly subscription which covers the usage over most of the European countries with the same price (47,40€/year).
  • REMUC-3 PLUS is ready to use from the box, no activation needed.
  • Includes an extended warranty (https://www.remuc.fi/site/kuluttajat/en/remuc-3-plus/).
  • Quick, low latency data transmission.

REMUC-3 PLUS can be identified by the SIM slot sticker:

I've lost My REMUC password or I haven't defined the password yet.

You can login to My REMUC service either be using the mobile application or with a REMUC account. Logging in with device ID is not supported anymore.

Login with mobile application:

  • Launch the mobile app
  • Tap “Login to My REMUC -service” in the app front page
  • You can either click the URL directly and auto-login using mobile phone web browser OR you can enter the temporary login number in my.remuc.com >> “Login with mobile application”.

How to reset REMUC account password:

  • Go to my.remuc.com
  • Click “Login to REMUC account”
  • Click “Forgot your password?”
  • Follow onscreen instructions

SIM-related questions

Do I need a separate SIM card for REMUC?

REMUC usage requires a separate SIM card with data connection enabled. Flat rate data is strongly advised. High data bandwidth is not required, 256kbps is well enough. A plain SMS plan is not adequate for normal REMUC use. We strongly advise against prepaid SIM cards and will not give support for such cases where prepaid card causes communication problems.

SIM card size is a so called mini-SIM, 25x15mm.

REMUC-2/REMUC-3: All these devices shipped in Finland include a pre-installed Embelin SIM card with 2 month use credit. This SIM card works in Elisa network in Finland. A used REMUC might have either an Embelin-supplied SIM card which can be reused, or previous customers card which most likely does not work anymore and needs replacing. For REMUC-2 and REMUC-3, REMUC-compatible SIM cards can be ordered from our web store (Finnish only for now).

REMUC-3 PLUS: All REMUC-3 PLUS devices have a SIM card which is included in the yearly subscription required to use REMUC-3 PLUS. This card works in most European countries.

Does REMUC work with prepaid SIM cards?

Although there are no direct restrictions on using prepaid SIM cards (as long as there’s a data plan available), we strongly discourage on using them because prepaid cards tend to have a variety of activation routines, different data plans or no data plans at all. For this reason we can’t provide any SIM or connection related support in case a prepaid card is used. If you still want to use one, make sure the data connection works before inserting the SIM in REMUC.

How do I renew REMUC-3 PLUS subscription?

You can renew the REMUC-3 PLUS subscription in My Remuc-service. My Remuc supports PayPal, PayTrail and the most common credit cards.

How do I purchase more credit for the Embelin SIM card? (REMUC-2, REMUC-3)

You can purchase 12 month credit for Embelin SIM card Finland in My Remuc-service. My Remuc supports PayPal, PayTrail and the most common credit cards.

My Embelin SIM card expired and it's now closed! What do I do?

If Embelin SIM card expires and subscription is not renewed in a reasonable time, the card shall be closed. Card must be either replaced with another or it can be reactivated via My Remuc -service with a separate fee.


Does REMUC work with Webasto/Eberspächer?

REMUC handles all voltage controlled Eberspächer and Webasto models and bus controlled (WBUS) Webasto EVO models.

Do I need any other device and/or equipment with REMUC (for example Telestart, Webcontrol, etc.)?

In most cases you do not need any additional devices. With Webasto, REMUC connects directly to Webasto’s own cable set. With Eberspächer there’s an installation cable that connects to heaters own connectors. Some cars with factory-installed heaters might require a 3rd party CANbus adapter, but in most cases REMUC is enough.

Does REMUC work with the factory-installed heater on my Volvo / Skoda / some other manufacturer?

Most probably. Unfortunately, keeping a 100% valid compatibility list is beyond our capabilities as heater models, installations and their connections may vary greatly between car makers and models. Ask your car mechanic for more information.


What is the difference between Webasto ThermoConnect and REMUC?

Webasto ThermoConnect is a GSM controller made by Embelin and product sold by Webasto through it’s supply chain. Feature-wire ThermoConnect is identical to REMUC but the two applications are not compatible: REMUC is controlled with REMUC application and Webasto ThermoConnect with ThermoConnect application.

Can REMUC be controlled with more than one mobile phone simultaneously?

Yes it can.

Is there a REMUC application available for my phone?

REMUC application is available on all Android and Apple iPhone/iPad devices. Though it can be installed from store, Window phone is not supported anymore. For Webasto ThermoConnect it’s not available at all.

I replaced my mobile phone and I can't connect to REMUC anymore.

Your previous mobile phone is still paired as a REMUC user and pairing new phones require confirmation from one of the earlier paired mobile phones. There are three ways to solve this in case you don’t have the previous phone with you anymore:

  • You can confirm the new user request by keeping REMUC use button in car pressed for 10 seconds
  • You can remove all old pairings via My Remuc -service: “Settings” > “Paired mobile clients” > “Delete paired mobile clients”
  • You can remove all old pairing by making a factory reset: Hold REMUC use button for 10 seconds, when LED starts blinks, press three times. LED will blink fast a couple of seconds after which REMUC reboots. Now pair mobile app again.