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Remuc FMS Fleet Tracking Service

REMUC FMS is a versatile and flexible cloud service for vehicle and task tracking. System can easily be modified according to customer needs. FMS scales with ease from one vehicle Driver’s Log to a centralized equipment tracking system for hundreds of vehicles with an integrated task distribution.

REMUC FMS system consists of a controller hardware installed in vehicle, FMS web service and REMUC mobile application on a smart phone. Vehicle routes, task entries and other manual events done with mobile app are automatically saved to cloud service where all saved data (routes, vehicle speed, tasks and reports) can be accessed with FMS web service.


Driver's Log


Remuc FMS Driver’s log gathers almost all driving information automatically. It can be used to monitor anything from one vehicle to truck fleets. When needed, personal driving can be separated from work related driving with a click on the mobile app button. When employer needs driving reports from a selected time frame, can it be exported using FMS web service.

Tracks and routes


Remuc FMS plots all tracks and routes on map based on selected time frame.
When more than one vehicle is added to FMS account, all vehicle locations can be seen simultaneously on map.



All data gathered by Remuc FMS system can be exported into different reports:

  • Driver’s log from drive events (eg. for taxing deductions)
  • Performed tasks, durations and single events
  • Complete device status: inputs, outputs both in graphical and textual form (for example vehicle/premises doors, lifting equipment, alarm systems)
  • Temperatures and voltage both in graph and in textual form (for example cold-storage transportation.
  • Driving speed, accelerations and decelerations (economical driving)
managing work order queue and execution


Work order queue allows managers to send tickets to selected vehicle drivers or a group of drivers. Drivers can in turn pick tickets for execution using mobile application. Ticket views shown in mobile client can be fully customized per FMS account.


  • Create work orders for selected vehicles or for all
  • Monitor work order execution status online
  • Reporting of work orders and routes (Excel/PDF)


  • “Start work”
  • During work, pick a work order/ticket for execution
  • After ticket task is performed, mark it as completed with possible additional information
  • When work day ends, “stop work”
Economical driving


Economical driving feature allows driving behaviour monitoring based on accelerations, speed and decelerations which make color coded tracks on map. more economical driving generates greener tracks. Vehicle type can be selected to accommodate different vehicle characteristics.

Economical driving graph shows speed, accelerations and decelerations in a helpful graph.

Location-based events

As with a single REMUC installation, can Remuc FMS fleet be defined locations which caused selected events. This allows all Remuc devices execute same predefined events when arriving or leaving areas.

Location-based events allow Remuc to:

  • Send an SMS
  • Make a phone call
  • Control another Remuc’s outputs
  • Control own outputs

These actions can be used for example for opening a phone call controlled garage door, notifying truck loading area officials of an arrival, controlling automatic alarm systems, automatic kill-switch for rental cars (aka Geofencing) etc.


REMUC FMS system consists of controller hardware installed in vehicle and a REMUC FMS web account where all installed target vehicles are added.

  • REMUC-3 device with optional installation arrangement
  • REMUC FMS account creation and optional customer-specific configurations
  • Monthly fee max. 19,50 €/month/device
  • SIM card for GSM network when needed

Please as a quote for your company. Send us an email with your contact information and a bit of a description of the vehicles you wish to track and we’ll contact you with a quote asap.


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