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Remuc makes your car smart

Control the fuel heater of your car and follow it's location with phone

What is Remuc? How does it work? REMUC-3 PLUS

What is Remuc


Control the fuel heater of your car


Locate your car


Easy and fast installation


Easy to use software

How does remuc work

The control unit itself is remarkably easy and quick to install. You only need a mobile phone after installation. REMUC-3 uses GSM connection and the needed SIM card is preinstalled in device. Preinstalled SIM card contains 2 month credit, more can be purchased from My REMUC -service.

REMUC system requires only the following components:


Controlling Remuc by mobile application:


NEWS! REMUC-3 PLUS covers now most of Europe!


REMUC-3 PLUS is an updated version of REMUC, which contains a SIM card that works in almost all European countries. In Finland it roams on all three networks (DNA, Elisa, Sonera) with one subscription fee.

REMUC-3 PLUS yearly subscription fee is just 47,40 € per year (3,95 €/month) and it features an unlimited REMUC use in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

REMUC-3 PLUS – extended warranty

Both REMUC-3 and REMUC-3 PLUS have a two year warranty. REMUC-3 PLUS on the other hand features an extended warranty as long as the subscription fee is paid uninterrupted.

REMUC mobile app can be downloaded from mobile stores:


Driver's log

Driver’s log is a fee-based service which enables an easy and automatic GPS-based vehicle tracking and route reporting.



  • All routes are saved automatically, absolutely no user interaction required. Remuc saves all routes and tracks to cloud service where they can be exported to different reports.
  • Mobile application can be used to separate own routes work routes. Remuc mobile application is available on Apple iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone and Android devices. In addition to Driver’s Log user can also enable vehicle geolocking so that noone moves your car without you knowing.
  • In most cases Remuc is also able to control vehicle’s parking heater.
  • Routes on map. You can monitor all your routes in Remuc web service. Routes are color coded based on eco-driving habits.
  • Viewing routes from selected time frame. You can freely choose the days to report.
  • Drive report for tax administration. You can export a tax admin approved driving report for your employer or tax administration. Export includes start time and location, end time and location and distance. (Tax admin info)
  • Eco driving index. All routes are color coded based on accelerations, speed and brakings.
  • Other Remuc features: parking heater control and scheduling, geolocking, location based events etc.


Trial and price

One month trial is included in every REMUC device. Driver’s Log can be enabled in My Remuc service. After trial period price starts from 14,67 €/kk (VAT 24%).


Technical information

Remuc system is specially designed to allow an easy parking heater control with direct and scheduled heating events from one mobile application.

Remuc delivery content

  • Remuc-3 controller
  • External GSM antenna
  • External GPS antenna
  • Installation cable set
  • Use button
  • Device identification stickers
  • Quick guide for installation and basic use


  • Easy to use and free mobile application for smart phones
  • Remuc can be controlled with use button, phone call, SMS message and web browser
  • Both engine and cockpit heater can be controlled with same device and application (separate cockpit heater required)
  • Unlimited scheduling possibilities, for example recurring weekly timers
  • Same Remuc allows multiple users
  • One mobile app can control multiple Remuc devices
  • Temperature and battery voltage display
  • Thermostat control for versatile heating possibilities
  • Input channels for eg. alarm forwarding

Technical information

Supply voltage+9V…32V
Functional temperature range-40…+80C
Current consumption in idle< 60mA (12V)
Outputs:2 voltage controlled; 0,5A, Vin
Webasto WBUS-interface
Inputs:2 pcs, +0...+32V
Controller status LED
mini-SIM card slot


Contact information

Embelin Oy

Tullivahdinkatu 1
90120 Oulu

Phone: +358 10 3284 100
Email: remuc@remuc.fi

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